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Full clipboard history. Auto save copied data. Direct paste. At your finger.
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Auto Save
Automatically save in Background
Images, Text, Files, and more
Reuse Easily and Quickly
Use ⇧ Shift⌘ CmdV to Open Clipboard History
HUD mode, always on top
Drag to the target
Use ⌘ Cmd shortcut to insert
HUD mode
- Always on Top
- Always at Your Finger
- Drag and Drop Support
- Use ⌘ Cmd shortcut to insert
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Last update: 2023-10-11
2023-09-17 V0.0.9 (released)
1. PerformancePerformace Improvement. The searching speed will be more quickly. done
2. ContentUser could add title for clip. Searching result will take the title into account too. done
3. Drag and DropTiff Image could be drag out as a local image file. done
2023-09-24 V1.0.0 (released)
1. ShortcutShortcuts action improvement
2. ContentSupport mutli categories
2023-10-11 V1.0.1 (releasing)
1. CoreUser could edit text clip
2. CoreUser add new snippet by clicking in Macbook Notch area
2023-10-21 V0.1.2
1. PluginSupport JavaScript to modify the clip automatically when copied or pasted.
2. ContentI18n Support (中文)
3. CorePrevent duplicated content
4. CoreSometimes auto paste might not work
2023-10-28 V0.1.3
1. ShortcutSupport different panel position (caret, bottom, left, right).
ClyPaste shortcuts
Show and hide Paste ⇧ Shift⌘ CmdV
Hide Paste Esc
Toggle Paste as Plain Text Mode ⇧ Shift⌘ CmdT
Paste selected items ↩ Return
Quick Paste ⌘ Cmd19
Delete selected items Delete
Preview selected items SPACE
Select next items
Select previous items
Switch to previous category ⌘ CmdLeft
Switch to next category ⌘ CmdRight
Toggle HUD window ⇧ Shift⌘ CmdH
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